Uzin Utz

Castor International Customer Review: Uzin Utz


At Castor International, we are your supply chain manager. Therefore only you, the customer, can tell us how we are doing as a partner. We asked Gert-Jan Slotboom, Purchaser Manager at Uzin Utz in The Netherlands, how he reviews our services.

Uzin Utz Netherlands

‘In my role as Purchaser at Uzin Utz The Netherlands, I am responsible for purchasing raw materials and packaging. We develop and manufacture products such as cast floors and glue for professional builders. The Dutch subsidiary is part of the multinational Uzin Utz Group that is represented in 50 countries worldwide.

Valued collaboration

We have been working with Castor International since 2011. Our collaboration started when we asked Castor International to blend our glue thickener. Next was more sampling and testing Castor oil for our products. Not only the quality was very good, also the pricing was competitive. This was the start of our valued collaboration that continues to grow.

High quality materials and the right price is important to me as a purchaser, but in the end you are working with people. This is what sets Castor International apart from other suppliers. From Sales Manager Arthur de Raad to the driver delivering our supplies. Everybody is professional, responsive, committed and on time. I receive tenders quickly and I am proactively informed about developments in the market. And when I hear about a new development, I can always contact Castor International for more information on how to anticipate as a purchaser.

I highly recommend Castor International, not only for their high quality materials but particularly as a professional collaborative partner.'

We thank Gert-Jan Slotboom for sharing his experiences.