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New product: RA esters


At Castor International we continuously grow our product portfolio. New are our RA esters that are applied in metal working fluids. These are esters of a long chain fatty acid having both acid and hydroxyl functionality in the chain. Similar products found on the market are Hostagliss L2/L4/L6 or Priolube.


RA ester can be easily incorporated into concentrate for water based emulsions and provides excellent emulsion stability and corrosion protection when neutralized with alkanolamines. It also provides improved lubricity in milky, semisynthetic and neat cutting metalworking fluids and rolling fluids. 


The benefits of RA ester are:

  Easy to emulsify 
  For mineral-oil free formulations 
  Reduces energy consumption in metal working operations 
  Non-irritant to eye and skin 
  Boron free & DEA free 
  Free of secondary amines 
  Friendly non-hazardous material 
  100% renewable properties  


Typical customers are manufacturers of metal working fluids. All RA esters are compliant under EU REACH regulations. 

If you would like to learn more about RA esters, please contact your Sales Manager.