Flooring conference Denmark

Report: Flooring conference in Denmark


On August 29-30, Castor Internationals customer Ulfcar held a global flooring conference in Denmark. The conference was held as part of Ulfcars 50th company anniversary. Customers and suppliers from all over the world gathered to learn more about the manufacturing and applicationĀ of flooring systems.


On day 1 various presentations were held. First was an introduction on how Ulfcar was born 50 years ago, followed by a product presentation. Next the overseas activities were presented, followed by an a marketing activities overview and information about the chemical industry and project management.


The second day, it was time for practice. We experienced how floor systems are made and applied in the flooring industry. A variety of parameters should always be taken into account: the adhesion of the subsurface, the temperature, humidity, blending time of various components of the flooring system and more. The conference closed-off with a anniversary party celebrating Ulfcars 50 year milestone.