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Value added services

Packing & repacking

Castor International has various packing and repacking options:

  • palletization
    • wood or plastic
    • various dimensions
    • with or without cardboard bottom plate
  • with shrink wrapping and/or stretch wrapping
  • (re)labelling
    • neutralizing
    • customer-specific labels
    • hazard labels
    • etc.
  • packing & repacking of solids (including bulking)
  • packing & repacking of liquids (including bulking)
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Metal Detection

Castor International offers the possibility to have your products screened by a metal detector at receipt of goods (or at any other time).

Breaking and sieving

Many products are hygroscopic in nature. This means that they absorb moisture from the air during storage. As a result lumps will occur in the product. However, if you want to use the goods they should be free flowing (resulting in a better solubility). Castor International has the equipment to get products free flowing again, by breaking and sieving. Sieving can be done at any desired particle size.

Mixing & Blending

Castor International also has the possibility to blend , dissolve and homogenise products. This applies to liquids as well as solids.


For the handling of liquids, Castor International has the option to heat products up to 55° C, for easy processing of (high viscous) products. This not only guarantees efficient loading and/or unloading, but also minimizes product loss. Blending solids in liquids is also possible. We can also heat packaged goods thanks to our hot room.