Image of Animeal Factory fish food

Castor International Customer Review: Animeal Factory


At Castor International, we are your supply chain manager. Therefore only you, the customer, can tell us how we are doing as a partner. We asked Jan Schreuder, Production manager at Animeal Factory, how he reviews our services.

Animeal Factory

‘As Production manager, I am responsible for purchasing, product development and our production. Furthermore I am one of the shareholders of Animeal Factory. We produce animal nutrition for wholesalers supplying the professional retail sector. Our speciality is high quality fish food: for ornamental fish, Japanese koi carp and tropical fish.

Growing with Driessen Group

In 2014, Animeal Factory became part of Driessen Group. Just like Castor International, we are located at Business Park Deurne. This location helps us to grow in a structured way. Here we have the whole process under one roof. This was the start of our collaboration with Castor. Not only do they supply Glycerin and MPG for our animal feed, they are a great collaborative partner. Castor understands the market context in which we operate, they provide us expert advice and keep us informed on market developments. We work closely together at the same site, where testing facilities, laboratory activities, logistics and warehousing is available. Whenever we would like to test materials, Castor is always flexible and makes things happen. Therefore I highly recommend them as a knowledgeable, professional partner with all facilities on site.

We thank Jan for sharing his experiences.