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The Castor-concept


When asked about the concept of Castor International, the first response is a happy customer. Arthur de Raad, sales manager, explains: ‘We like to have a dialogue with our customers to fully understand their needs and requirements to be able to provide that extra service where possible.’ Joerg Kramberg, also sales manager, emphasizes that the provided quality ánd timeframe is defined by the customer. ‘And all at the right price’, adds Geertje Botter, logistics officer. This combination defines the Castor-concept.


Castor International is part of a group of companies. Therefore all required expertise is available under one roof. All three agree that this is one of the greatest assets with reference to other competitors. Furthermore a good cooperation with the team of the companies and support of the Driessen family is very important. This all ensures a firm grip on the entire supply chain.

Customer satisfaction

Delivering on time, providing product information and technical support, the drive for solutions and short communications lines are called by Joerg as factors to embrace the Castor-concept by customers. Arthur adds: ‘Castor International is known for its willingness to go a step further.’

Strong team

‘At Castor International everybody works with a 100% enthusiasm, there are no machos or egos,’ Geertje explains. There is a mutual trust, appreciation and respect. What also works well according to Joerg is that there is no investor in the company aiming for a short term profit. The Driessen family understands what the company needs and looks at the long term best interest for customers, employees and the environment. Furthermore Arthur adds that we are all aware that we can achieve more as a strong team, rather than individuals.

Castors future

We appreciate our past years growth, yet the development and expansion continues. The team has recently been strengthened by bringing in a new sales manager. The activities in the food and feed industry are expanding. And also our development as a specialist if the field of Castor oil and derivates is growing, as is the diversity. All aligned to our customer’s needs. ‘We aren’t there yet!’