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Castor International Customer Review – Tanatex Chemicals B.V.


At Castor International, we are your supply chain manager. Therefore only you, the customer, can tell us how we are doing as a partner. We asked Vincent Gerritsen, Purchaser at Tanatex Chemicals B.V., how he reviews our services.

Tanatex Chemicals B.V. produces and provides sustainable chemical solutions for the textile industry worldwide. Vincent Gerritsen has been working at the company for over 30 years, of which he worked as Purchaser for the past 14 years. ‘We enable the industry by making textile water repellent or breathable. We add value to fabrics and support our customers by optimizing their production processes through our products and technical support provided by our employees.’ It is a global company, yet the headquarter is located in Ede, The Netherlands.

Seven years ago, Vincent Gerritsen was approached by Castor International. Thanks to a mutual connection and satisfactory agreements, a collaboration started between both companies. Castor International supplies raw materials, for example castor oil and glycerine, that is processed by Tanatex Chemicals B.V. to sustainable products for the textile industry. ‘And that collaboration, works really well,’ Vincent adds.

Vincent Gerritsen about the collaboration:

‘It is a collaboration based on trust. Arthur de Raad from Castor International keeps us informed about market updates per mail, or on request when there are developments in the market. This enables us to act proactively and follow the latest trends. The transparency and willingness to share information and knowledge is the foundation of our valued collaboration.’

Castor International communicates proactively and modestly without fuss. Vincent adds half-jokingly: ‘They don’t promise anything, but they do a lot. The Purchaser has one suggestion: ‘You can grow, but make sure that the characteristic of Castor International as I know it, remains. Engaging with your customers and transparent communication makes Castor International a supplier that I would like to have more of!’