Sneak peek to 2020: What to expect?

Sneak peak 2020

Sneak peek to 2020: What to expect?


Trends and developments

In several industries, sustainability and working “green” is a significant trend. We believe it will grow more next year. Our product portfolio will therefore follow that trend and focus even more on vegetable oils and fatty acids. The raw material product portfolio for the food and feed market will be extended with amongst others Lecithin (sunflower and soya based). To comply to the trend of moving away from non-GMO suspected products, we will possibly acquire the required certification for SKAL/Bio+. Next year we will also review our product diversity, by offering packages of raw materials for various technical industries. For instance we will add ESBO (Epoxydized Soyabean Oil), DBM, SBM and esters, to name a few.

Growing together

As our organization grows with new suppliers, new products and new customers, our organization may grow too. We will continue providing you the service level and flexibility that we offer today which is greatly appreciated by our customers. We look forward to strengthen our relationships with you as a supply chain manager, so you can fully focus on your core business.

We look forward to hear your plans for 2020. Please do not hesitate to contact your Castor Sales Manager and share your goals. We would love to support you getting there.